The villa is 170/190 square metres
The villa has large, covered patios of 100 square metres, with Lumon sliding glasses in some sections
The patio has an outdoor furniture set for dining by large groups

The villa can accommodate 9 + 1 persons

There is room for a meeting with max. 20 people

We have invested heavily in the yard and shore areas, with large sections of stone walkways, plants and lawns.

There is a car port for two vehicles.


The villa has, e.g., mechanical ventilation, floor heating, geothermal heating, terrestrial cooling, an accumulating Linnatuli fireplace, two lavatories (one in the sauna facility), four bedrooms, a roomy sauna for 10-12 people, two showers, a 65-inch flat-screen TV, satellite channels (pay channels excluded), stereo system, DVD/CD player, radio, central vacuum cleaner and fire alarms in all facilities. An elegant, fully equipped kitchen: dish sets, utensils and glassware for all settings. Dishes for preparing meals. The sauna is equipped with two sauna stoves, a Harvia Legend 240 Duo wood-burning and an Iki electric one. The stoves hold a large number of rocks, guaranteeing a soft sauna bath. The utility room has a Miele washing machine, an ironing board and large table tops with a faucet

The decoration of the villa was designed by Helena Karihtala.

The rooms are high and spacious; the well-planned uniformity and ample natural light create a pleasant atmosphere.

The large, tall windows frame paintings of the surrounding nature.

The furniture combines Finnish handicraft and Italian classics

  • the bedrooms have 9 + 1 Unikulma beds with soft linen textiles
  • the living room has nine leather Interface armchairs
  • the dining recess has white Kartelli tables with glass tops for 14 people
  • 14 white Vitra chairs
  • Kartell Stone stools

A large pier, a beach and a rowboat. Use of our private fishing areas.

It is just 25 m from the villa to the shore.

A sunny shore looking east.

A screen and a wide-screen television projector are included in the package for meeting customers.

We only rent out Villa Diamante with bedding and final clean-up services. The villa is also suitable for people with allergies. No pets are allowed inside the villa or in the vicinity.

Smoking indoors is prohibited.

65-inch flat-screen TV
9 + 1 beds with soft linen textiles
Accumulating fireplace
Car port for two vehicles
Central vacuum cleaner
Dish sets
Dishes for preparing meal
DVD/CD player
Electric sauna stove
Fire alarms in all facilities
Floor heating
Four bedrooms
Geothermal heating
Glassware for all settings
Ironing board
Large pier
Large table tops with faucets
Mechanical ventilation
Nine leather armchairs
Satellite channels (pay channels excluded)
Sauna for 10-12 people
Screen (for meeting customers)
Stereo system
Table and chairs for 12-14 people
Terrestrial cooling
Two lavatories
Washing machine
Wide-screen television projector (for meeting customers)
Wood-burning sauna stove