A B C Weekend
Villa Diamante As per agreement
Villa Elegante As per agreement
Villa Grande 1640 € 1320 € 995 € Starting from 550 €
Isokarhu 720 € 665 € 510 € As per agreement
Pikkukarhu Rented on an annual contract
Kallioniemi Rented on an annual contract
A weeks: weeks 25-32
B weeks: weeks 8-10, 23-24, 33-36
C weeks: weeks 1-7, 11-22, 37-51

The prices are not binding; we reserve the right to revise prices.

All prices include value-added tax, and they are valid until 31 December 2023.

Dishwashing liquids, toilet and kitchen papers are not included in the price.

We always add bedding and cleaning fees to reservations for Villa Elegante and Villa Diamante.

We add such charges to the prices of Villa Grande for all group bookings.

Prices during midweek holidays and ski-holiday weeks differ from the ones listed above. We always charge specific fees for festive events.

The above does not apply to corporate events, for which we offer total packages.

Kayak 20 € per day
Canoe 25 € per day
Rowboat 25 € per day
2 hp outboard motor 25 € per day (fuel is not included in the price)

Long-term rentals, per agreement. The prices include canoeing equipment. Uotila has a limited number of canoes and kayaks, but don’t worry! When ordering, let us know how many you will need and we will order more from our partners. These prices only apply to Uotila’s own canoes and kayaks.

Booking conditions

Rural tourism (MALO) classification:

National classification for accommodation facilities of rural tourism enterprises:

A system of classification for accommodation facilities of rural tourism enterprises was launched in 1993. The classification applies to rental holiday cottages and accommodation facilities belonging to bed & breakfast and farm holiday services.

This national classification system enables a coherent assessment of the quality in accommodation in rural tourism in the whole country. Accommodation facilities are divided into five categories. All accommodation facilities must meet certain basic requirements for all accommodation facilities.

Uotila’s exclusive villas and holiday cottages are included as part of the MALO classification. In this classification, Villa Grande and Villa Elegante have received the highest mark- five stars.