Ajo-ohje sanallisesti

From the Tampere region

  • Drive 10 km from Kangasala village centre towards Lahti city, until there is a guidepost “Saarikylät” on the right
  • Turn in the direction in which the guidepost points and drive for 2.5 km; you will see a sign “Uotila” guiding to the right, and a guidepost “Saarikylät”

From the Helsinki-Hämeenlinna region

  • Drive north along highway 3, until you come to a guidepost “Pälkäne” (intersection no. 26); follow the signs for Pälkäne
  • Drive past the first wooded junction in Pälkäne, and only turn left at the centre of Pälkäne. Drive 200 m towards the church, and turn right at the guidepost “Vehoniemi”. Then drive 8 km along the Vanha Pälkäneentie road in the direction of Tampere
  • Turn left at the sign “Uotila” and guidepost “Saarikylät”

Saarikylät road

  • Drive 4 km, there will be a sign “Uotila” and a guidepost ”Lovensalontie” on the left
  • Drive 1.1 km, continue onwards, according to the signs “Uotila”
  • Drive 100 m, and you will see a large rock and a sign “Uotila” in front of you
  • Drive 300 m, and you will arrive at the yard with a white brick house (Uotila); there are guideposts to the cottages
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  • Enter “Tossantie 33” in the address details; if your navigator cannot find it, the address is Lovensalontie. The locality is called Pälkäne.
  • The coordinates to the yard of Uotilan Edustushuvilat ja lomamökit are: 61°21’59.8”N, 24°07’43.2”E.

Guideposts from here to the villas. There is a white brick house (Uotila) in the yard, with signs on the other sign of the lawn, next to a red cowhouse. The road winds through spruces, next to fields. First there is fork in the road for the holiday cottages, with signs pointing the way, then to Villa Elegante, and finally to Villa Grande.

The “Uotila” signs guides you to the yard of our company’s main building, the white brick house, where the reception is located. The guidepost “Huvilat” points you to the area of the villas, with a name post for each villa.